Screen Time Management

We Teach Healthy Digital Habits to Students

We conduct sessions for students to imbibe healthy digital habits, guiding them towards self-monitoring & self-regulation of their screen time

Partnership with schools

We Measure Impact of Screen Time on Academics

Using data analytics, we help schools to identify & help out the students whose screen time exposure creates negative impact on academics

Block inappropriate apps

We Provide Tools to Parents to Manage Exposure

We empower parents with digital tools to manage children's smartphone exposure & guide them towards digital wellbeing & online safety

Live Location Tracking

Empower students early to protect them forever

We believe, empowering the students early on how to use digital spaces responsibly & safely is the most sustainable long term solution

Easy Reminders

Sessions for students with professional trainers

Our trainers help students to imbibe the good habits in daily life, answer their queries, and guide them to be mindful of their own consumption

Measure impact on academics

Parents can measure & manage student's smartphone exposure

Till students are capable to manage online risks on their own, parents can use our app to manage their child's smartphone exposure & guide them towards online safety

Emergency Alert

Parents can create efficient learning environments at home

When studying on devices, parents can use our app to ensure that children do not access non-academic apps, thereby reducing distraction

How SavvyParent Empowers Schools

  • 📊 Enhanced Learning Outputs: Discover the correlation between screen time and academic performance. Shape strategies for heightened focus and bolstered engagement, enabling enhanced learning outputs
  • 🚀 Enhanced Brand Image : When school proactively solves a major problem of parents, parents develop a stronger trust on schools
  • 🔍 Enhanced Parental Engagement: SavvyParent brings schools and parents to a common platform, enhancing the partnership and the engagement between the two stakeholders
  • 💡 Differentiate from peers: Schools that use SavvyParent differentiate themselves as their students imbibe healthy digital habits that prepare them to strive in the digital age

  • Vision

    We strive to be the most trusted partner for schools and parents to provide a healthy environment for digital consumption for our children.


    At SavvyParent, we empower schools and parents to cultivate mindful digital citizens by providing innovative tools to measure, comprehend, and shape a child's digital journey. Our mission is to help schools proactively address the impact of digital exposure on academics, fostering an environment that nurtures both learning and responsible online behavior. With a deep commitment to safeguarding privacy and nurturing curiosity, we collaborate with schools and parents to create a balanced digital ecosystem that enhances children's growth while promoting mindful digital engagement

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    How SavvyParent's Three Step Strategy Works

    Why us

    Why SavvyParent

  • Privacy First: We assign highest value for privacy and do not snoop into the contacts, messages, multimedia content, or any other sensitive data of your child
  • A solution designed for schools: We are the only solution that is designed to empower schools to comprehend how students' use digital space, enabling schools to understand students better.
  • Emphasis on communication & not control: Our solution empowers schools to have continuous data backed communication with students & need not rely solely on controlling the screen time exposure
  • Only solution that measures impact of smartphone exposure: We are the only solution that empowers schools to measure the impact of screen time on academic results, allowing schools to create personalized and practical solutions.